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The Monthly Ritual Of Monthly Prayers

I had warned people, several times,to stop sending to me the monthly greetings and prayers at the beginning of every month. I asked the question, what happened to the end of the year and cross over prayer sessions. Are they saying God had forgotten all the prayers.They waste my time and crowd my communication device


When Melinda Gates saw no more purpose in staying with Bill Gates, she divorced him. The same thing happened to Jeff Bezos and millions of other men. This has led men to coin this expression that if you are a married man, it is only because your wife still finds you useful. This brings us …


This morning, I woke to remember my growing up in Iwaya, Yaba in Lagos. It was fun, especially during the season of egungun festival, when the masquerades paraded the town in their variegated constumes and weird masks. Some were friendly, while some were fearful without being offensive. On the last day of the yearly festival, …